Ongoing Television Programs

Saujanya Media is Nepal’s only one media production company which is focused for television program production in various channels especially on education, social development, health, election & informative sector. The media is producing and airing its weekly and daily programs in different television channels such as Nepal Television, Kantipur Television and News 24 Television. We also do have online news portal called Currently we have following Television programs in 3 TV leading stations.

S.NName of Program Television ChannelOn air Time
1INFOPLUS Kantipur TelevisionEvery Saturday 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm repeat telecast on Sunday 2.30 pm & Friday at 11.30 am
2UJYALO News 24 TelevisionEvery Sunday at 9.00 pm & Monday at 3.30 pm
3INFO-TALK News 24 TelevisionEvery Thursday at 9.30 pm & Friday at 3.30 pm
4SAMAYOJAN News 24 TelevisionEvery Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 6.30 pm & Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at 12.00 pm.
5PLATFORM Nepal TelevisionEvery Friday 6.05 pm & repeats on next day as per convenience of NTV

Online news portal Online news portal 24/7/365

Multidisciplinary Work of Saujanya Media Pvt. Ltd

   1. Program Production 

   2. Event Management

   3. Musical Concerts

   4. Tele-serial & Drama

   5. PSA & TVC making

   6. Media Mobilization

   7. Quiz

1. Program Production and Broadcasting (Ongoing Programs):

Every Friday at 7.30 pm on Nepal Television

Every Tuesday at 6.30 pm on Kantipur Television

Funded by UNDP

Internal Broadcasting System Operation at Parliament Building, New Baneshwor

Funded by UNDP

2. Event Management & Musical Concerts (Awareness Based):

‘Vot Halau Nepal’ is Nepal’s one of the biggest Musical events to educate and aware youths. This was done more than 16 venues across Nepal.
This was done more than 16 venues across Nepal.
Funded by USAID/IFES

3.Tele Serial & Drama + TVC & PSA Making:


These are a few snaps of filming Tele Serial and Drama for UNDP Project. Location was 1 Kilometer far from Changunarayan Temple, Bhaktapur; Trishul Dada.
Funded by UNDP

4.Media Mobilization:

Saujanya Media Pvt. Ltd has done various kind of media mobilization such as press meet, press release, coverage on online, print & electronic media, seminar, school and college campaign across Nepal and so many activities as required by Client.


Saujanya Media Pvt. Ltd has long experience organizing Quiz. One of the bggest Quiz reality show as recently done and funded my Nepal Peace Trust Fund. National Quiz was done in 2013 with the partial support of UNDP and other various private companies.

Partly Funded by UNDP & Nepal Peace Trust Fund

6. Association of Saujanya Media Pvt. Ltd



General Experiences of Saujanya Media Pvt.Ltd

S.NName of ProjectsYear Completed Financed by
1INFOPLUS Programme Shooting, Making, Production and On-Air From Kantipur Television Poush B.S 2063 to till now at Every Saturday 7.30 pm on Kantipur TelevisionDifferent Education Sector provider, advertisement.
2Weekly Education base programme called PLATFORM production for Nepal Television.Magh B.S 2064 to till now every Saturday 5.30 to 6.00 pmDifferent Education Sector provider, advertisement
3Weekly SPORTS PLUS programme Production for NTV Plus Shrawan B.S. 2066 to till now every Saturday 10.00 pmDifferent sectors
4Daily Education base programme called BUSINESS INFO production for Mountain Television.Magh B.S 2068 to till now everyday 10.00 pmBusiness critics on Education Sector
5Daily Education base programme called EDUCATION PLUS production for Himalaya Television.Magh B.S 2068 to till now everyday 6.30 to 7.00 pmCurrent affair of Education Sector
6'Gyan ko Ujjyalo' documentary production for Global Action Nepal (GAN)B.S 2065GAN
7'Enlightenment to the villagers' documentary for Save the Children US B.S 2066 Save the Children
8100% Mero Mobile Concert organized in 2006. More than 30,000 crowd was there at TundikhelB.S.2064Mero Mobile (Now it has been NCEL)
9Grand Musical Mela was organized in BICC Ground in 2007B.S. 2065Chaudhary Group and multiple sponsors
10National Quiz-2013 was organized where more than 60 artists performed throughout the NepalB.S. 2069B.S. 2069
11Ntv peace quizB.S. 2070Nepal Peace Trust Fund
12'Distance Education' Documentary for Rato Bangala FoundationB.S 2066Rato Bangala Foundation
13Educational Documentary on distance education and overall education scenario of UKB.S. 2064British Embassy/ British Council, Nepal
14Educational Documentary on overall education scenario of MalaysiaB.S. 2065Embassy of Malaysia/ Government of Malaysia
15Educational Documentary on non-formal/formal education of Philippines B.S 2065HCMI education service provider
16Documentary on condition of Nepalese students in Singapore B.S. 2067Saujanya Media Pvt.Ltd
17Documentary of 'Literacy programme of Orissa, INDIA' considered as illiterate place B.S 2065KIIT Deemed University, Orissa India
18documentary of German Education for international studentsB.S 2065German Embassy, Nepal
19Special program prepared about 'Thailand in the view of Modern education'B.S. 2067Royal Thai Embassy and Thai Airways
20Documentary on 'Voice of Kalikot' based on deprived educationB.S 2065Concerned worldwide
21Documentary on 'Out of reach children from Education'B.S. 2067World Education Nepal
22Special TV program about 'education resource out of school'B.S. 2067READ Nepal
23Various issues raised regarding Open/Distance education coordinating with Ministry of Education/Department of EducationB.S. 2063 to till nowSaujanya Media Pvt.Ltd
24Round Table discussion on non formal, open and distance education for Nepal Television and KTVB.S. 2064 to 2065Yes Pro Ad and Media